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12/3/2023 (Permalink)

Water damaged papers. Every little bit of support helps when it comes to keeping a company afloat.

Every little bit of support helps when it comes to keeping a company afloat. As a company owner or manager, you understand that finding business success requires the utilization of every available hand. Significant delays or commercial harm might result in the company’s permanent closure. 

Your company, on the other hand, already has a built-in secret assistant who can aid with cleaning and restoration. SERVPRO® can handle a wide variety of business demands; it’s as if you have a hidden business partner overseeing an important aspect of your company’s success strategy. 

Large loss recovery. Fires, hurricanes and floods are the most common causes of financial loss for businesses in the United States. They have the potential to cause considerable damage, particularly if they are not addressed quickly. When you call SERVPRO®, you’ll be speaking with a highly trained team that’s available 24 hours a day to deliver reliable emergency services and minimize your downtime and recovery time. 

Emergency Ready Plan. If your business has been adequately prepared, recovery may begin even before a disaster occurs. When the time comes, we can help you build a successful strategy. You may require an emergency chain of command, alternative meeting or workplaces or temporary suppliers after a disaster strikes, and we’ll get you set up with a game plan for all of this that you can initiate when you need to with a simple button click. 

Cleaning of All Kinds. From specialist cleaning services like trauma site cleanup and safe biohazard removal to more normal cleaning requirements like carpet cleaning and upholstery restoration in high-traffic areas, we have services for every circumstance. We’ve been doing this for a while and have seen and cleaned pretty much everything. 

Restoration Services. You can’t predict when you’ll experience a property damage event like flooding or a kitchen fire. Any kind of damaging event will need SERVPRO®’s expert repair and cleaning services. From water removal to restoration, you can count on us to bring your company back to life after a disaster. 

Industry Specialization. We can help businesses in any industry since we have spent decades knowing the ins and outs of each. We can assist you with any one-of-a-kind or specialty cleaning and restoration needs your company may have. In certain cases, we may even erect a fence around the construction area to keep it from interfering with the normal activities of the surrounding regions. 

Three Types of Contaminated Water

11/28/2023 (Permalink)

Black water in a basement. There are three major types of contaminated water. 

When you have water damage in your home or business, it’s important to know what type of water is in your property. There are three major types of contaminated water.  

Category 1: "Clean Water" 

This is water from a clean source, such as a broken clean water supply line or faucet. If left untreated, category 1 water can quickly degrade into category 2 or 3 water depending upon such factors as time, temperature, and contact with contaminants. 

Category 2: "Gray Water" 

This water has a significant level of contamination that could cause discomfort or illness if ingested. Sources for category 2 water may include washing machine overflow, toilet overflow with some urine but no feces, or dishwasher overflow. 

Category 3: "Black Water" 

This water is grossly unsanitary and could cause severe illness or death if ingested, and any contact should be avoided. Sources for category 3 water could include flooding from rivers or streams, water from beyond the toilet trap, water from the toilet bowl with feces, or standing water that has begun to support microbial growth. 

SERVPRO® will inspect contaminated water to determine the type of water and then plan the appropriate response to safely restore your home or business. 

Fire, Smoke, and Soot Restoration Services

11/28/2023 (Permalink)

Smoke damaged walls and ceilings. Fire and smoke damage is especially destructive.

Fire and smoke damage is especially destructive. Our team has the specialized training and equipment to provide specialty restoration services when you have fire, smoke, and soot damage in your home or business. 

Structural Cleaning  

After smoke or fire damage, ceilings, walls, woodwork, carpeting, and floors will often need thorough cleaning. SERVPRO® will pretest damaged materials to determine the extent of products required to clean and protect from the different types of soot. We may even be able to reduce the cost of recovery by cleaning lighter soot deposits found on some surfaces, eliminating the expense incurred with repainting or refinishing. In other cases, we will clean to “prepare for painting.” This process deodorizes and ensures the new paint will adhere properly to the surface.  

Contents Cleaning  

All the restorable contents in affected areas will be professionally cleaned and deodorized. This includes area rugs, furniture, draperies, and upholstery. We will begin by carefully inspecting and testing all fabrics in the structure to determine which cleaning methods are most appropriate. We can provide wet or dry-cleaning services. Additionally, all the other restorable contents will be cleaned and deodorized to preloss condition. This includes electronics, art, wood furniture, kitchen items, clothing, bedding, bric-a-brac, and much more. Finally, we can provide an inventory list of all “to be claimed” items if requested.  


We provide specialized services that rid your home or place of business of offensive odors left by fire or smoke damage. Our team does not merely cover up lingering odors with a fragrance, they seek out the sources of the odor and remove them. 

Don’t Let Strong Winds Blow You Away

11/28/2023 (Permalink)

Trees bending over from wind. At its most severe, wind can leave a trail of devastation that cannot be evaded.

On a terribly hot day, a cool gust of wind can offer a refreshing break from the warm summer sun. Wind, while you can’t really see it, is a dependable force that we can rely on, but it can cause serious problems when it’s at its worst. 

At its most severe, wind can leave a trail of devastation that cannot be evaded. Even on days with clear skies, severe winds wreak havoc out of nowhere. These winds can create major damage and leave a destructive mark on entire communities. 

To safeguard both yourself and your property from the dangers of strong winds, it is essential to take the appropriate measures, even on days you might not expect them. 

The Different Kinds of Wind 

Roughly half of the most hazardous wind occurrences are brought on by strong thunderstorms, making them a risk worth preparing for. Thunderstorm-related winds have the potential to be just as catastrophic as tornadoes. 

At times, thunderstorms can generate winds that can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour, which can lead to expensive damage and a lasting impact on entire communities. 

Thunderstorms can produce straight-line winds, which are not associated with rotation and can cause damage even in areas without rainfall. These winds can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, making them a devastating hazard. 

It is the combination of different types of winds generated by tornadoes that makes them so dangerous to encounter. Tornadoes have caused some awful winds in Highland Park in the past, and they’ve only gotten more devastating. When tornadoes aren’t causing severe winds, thunderstorms do, and the effects on our neighborhoods can be considerably greater. 

Wind Damage and Prevention 

When winds exceed 80 miles per hour, even the most secure mobile homes can be easily picked up. Severe winds can also lead to toppling trees, thrown debris and downed power lines all over Highland Park. 

Taking early precautions, such as being able recognize weather alerts and securing loose outdoor items, can help prevent wind damage and ensure your safety during severe weather events. 

Take steps to maintain your trees, such as pruning and removing any overhanging branches, to minimize the risk of damage during high winds. Be sure to secure any loose objects outside and consider installing storm shutters or other protective measures to protect your home. 

Go out and take a stroll around your property to assess any damages after the winds have died down. Climb up on your roof and correct any misplaced or loose shingles, to prevent water from leaking into your home. If you do face severe storm damage, get in touch with SERVPRO®, and we’ll restore your losses in a flash! 

Commercial Fire Damage

11/13/2023 (Permalink)

Burnt apartment building after a fire. Fire damage is especially devastating for a business or commercial property.

Fire damage is especially devastating for a business or commercial property. In addition to the fire and smoke damage, significant water damage from firefighting efforts and fire suppression systems may occur.  

Commercial fire damage restoration presents unique challenges. Every hour spent restoring your business back to its pre-fire condition is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. The SERVPRO® team has the training, experience, and equipment to handle large commercial fire damage emergencies. Whether your fire emergency occurs in a restaurant, motel, or office building, we will respond quickly to mitigate the damage and manage the restoration project through to its completion. 

If your business experiences a fire loss, call SERVPRO®, the fire and water damage restoration experts and we’ll respond immediately to get you back to business. 

Biohazard Cleanup Services for Your Business

11/6/2023 (Permalink)

Technicians in Tyvek suits with chemical sprayers. The decontamination of a business can be both dangerous and emotional.

The professionally trained experts at SERVPRO® provide biohazard cleanup services that utilize a science based, safety centered standard.   

The decontamination of a business due to trauma, sewage backups, chemical spills, hoarding, or other biohazards can be both dangerous and emotional. Specialized training and experience are important when choosing a cleanup company to resolve these circumstances. 

We provide cleanup and recovery services for many biohazard situations. These include the following: 

  • Sewage backups 
  • Crime scene residues 
  • Suicide/death accidents 
  • Homicide cleanups 
  • Blood cleanup 
  • Accident cleanup 
  • Hoarding scenes 
  • Animal waste/remains 
  • Chemical spills 
  • Tear gas cleanup 

Our team provides 24-hour service, seven days a week. We have qualified, trained professionals who are ready to respond to these incidents. We will always treat your property and the people involved with the greatest empathy and respect in the face of trying circumstances. 

Faster To Any Size Disaster

11/6/2023 (Permalink)

Green trucks and trailers in front of a commercial building. Storms and inclement weather can be devastating to any business.

Storms and inclement weather can be devastating to any business. Wind damage, heavy rain, and flooding can occur suddenly and cause substantial damage in a matter of minutes. There is never a convenient time for flooding or storm damage to strike your business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. SERVPRO® provides emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, seven days a week—including all holidays. You can expect an immediate response time, day, or night.  

Why Choose SERVPRO®?  

  • We are Faster to Any Size Disaster: Floods and storms do not wait for normal business hours, and neither do we. You can depend on an immediate response from our highly trained technicians, who are available 24 hours, seven days a week.  
  • We're Highly Trained Storm Damage Specialists: As leaders in the storm and water damage industry, we have advanced training and expertise, not to mention a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. We use this training and experience to quickly dry your home and restore it back to pre-storm condition.  
  • We Have the Resources to Handle Storms and Disasters: In addition to our own resources, we can access equipment and personnel from over 2,000 franchises across the country. We can even call upon strategically located Disaster Recovery Teams for catastrophic storms and major events.  

SERVPRO® Insider – October 2023

11/6/2023 (Permalink)

Front page of newsletter. Our newest quarterly newsletter is here!

Our newest quarterly newsletter is here! The SERVPRO® Insider gives an inside look at what SERVPRO® Team Miller has been up to!   

In this issue, we’re helping you prepare for the holidays! Follow our fire safety tips to safely deep fry your Thanksgiving turkey and learn about the potential fire hazards that can come with holiday decorations.  

Get an inside look at our summer community appearances during the National Night Out, some fun photos of golfing season, meet a few of our dedicated team members, pick up some winter preparedness tips, and learn about document restoration. 

Each newsletter comes with a special feature on the services that SERVPRO® offers. The service of this quarter: Biohazard Removal. In the event your property needs hazardous material, trauma, or crime scene cleanup, SERVPRO® can help you. Our skilled professionals will always treat your property and the people involved with the greatest empathy and respect in the face of trying circumstances. 

If you’d like to subscribe to receive our full quarterly newsletters, send us a request at